Rinjani Hiking Trip – A Travel Photo Diary

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Rinjani Hiking Trip – A Travel Photo Diary

Mt. Rinjani is located in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Its summit reaches 3726 m (above mean sea level), making it the third highest peak in Indonesia after Cartenz Pyramid (4884 m) and Indrapura Summit (3800 m).

I went there in a group of 4 person, for four days and three nights. It was a very fun yet exhausting experience. The last time I hiked a mountain was in 2007. Now, 8 years later, I decided to do it again. I did some physical preparations a month before. I expected it would be tiring but it turns out it is EXTREMELY tiring for me!

After landing at Lombok Praya International Airport, we rode a rented car to Sembalun. Along the way, there is a lot of mosque. For this reason, Lombok was renowned as “Pulau Seribu Masjid” (The Island of Thousand Mosques).

We spent the first night at Sembalun base camp. Right before sunrise the next day, we hiked for 10 hours to the last camp before summit, Pelawangan-Sembalun. At midnight, we went for summit. The track was a combination of sand and rocks. We got there just before sunrise. The view was just amazing, the hardwork was really paid for.

Straight at midday, we then went for the lake and camped there. Again, the view was heavenly here in the morning. There is also a natural hot spring around here, which really helps to relax the tired feet.
The next day, we went down via the Senaru track. It is a natural rainforest track, so we kind of accelerating our pace a bit in order not to get caught inside the forest after the sun went out. Thankfully, we got to the Senaru forest entrance not long after the sun has set, and set camp there. We spend the night there, and went back to Lombok the next day. See all the amazing view of Rinjani in the pictures below.

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