Derawan Islands – A Travel Photo Diary – Part 2

Derawan Islands – A Travel Photo Diary – Part 2

Section 3 : Semama Island and Sanggalau Gusung

Semama Island? Yes, apart from the three main islands, we also visited Semama Island. It started with a funny story when we visited Kakaban island and saw some fresh coconut. We were just saying “Would be nice to drink coconut water in this hot weather.” However we didn’t bring any cash at that moment, so we couldn’t buy one. So the next day, we visited this nature conservation area at Semama island. It turns out, there are lots of coconut trees growing there! So then we were treating ourselves with as many coconut as we can get, for free!

After we filled our bellies with coconuts, we’re ready to set sail. We snorkelled around Derawan, and then by noon, this magnificent sand island revealed itself during low tides. The Sanggalau Gusung is its name, our guide told us. It is completely covered in perfect white sand.

In summary, the trip to Derawan is such a refreshing experience. Too bad I wasn’t licensed to dive, yet it is still a wonderful experience. I would love to visit the island again in the future. Enjoy the gallery.


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